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Research Overview

Our group is interested in developing stimuli-responsive smart materials and providing chemistry solutions to global challenges in materials innovation and health. We harness the power of molecular design and synthetic organic chemistry to construct advanced material systems for sensing and drug delivery applications. Of particular interest are materials with properties that can be dynamically regulated through the application of external stimuli such as mechanical force, ultrasound, or light.

Research interests: organic materials chemistry, physical organic, biomaterials, polymers, drug delivery.

xiaoran hu research group organic materials chemistry drug delivery

Research Areas

  • Stimuli-Responsive Materials: We are interested in designing, synthesizing, and applying novel photoswitches and mechanophores.

  • Responsive Nanomedicines: Our group is interested in developing nanomaterials that undergo preprogrammed structure and property changes in response to physical, chemical, and biological stimuli as next-generation drug delivery systems to maximize therapeutic efficacy and safety.

Image by Ivan Diaz
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